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The underworld of this song is the world of the ego, that artificial entity that we've come, some of us, to realize dominates our culture, is the culprit responsible for our headlong rush towards extinction. We used to think it was capitalism but now see that economic system as just an outgrowth of ego. Ego is based on an erroneous belief, that we are vulnerable separate individuals. The ego dissipates when underlying interconnection is FELT and that happens thru presence, thru stilling egoic mind chatter and entering into NOW, the only reality, into which is woven instructions for sustainable, just behavior, perceivable again, only via presence. Though socialism more closely resembles, I think, the instructions, that alternative to capitalism is just as subject - witness the late Soviet Union & China - to the dysfunction of ego.


the underworld is seething with poisonous
creepiness beyond despair
the overworld is light and snappy
tap skipping tap dancing the stair

the underworld is the seat of anger
impatient judgement skimpy empathy
the overworld to the underworld
seems more than slightly sappy

out of the deep comes illusion
polarity fusion we
come out of ONE return to ONE
come out of ONE return to ONE

a hand in a glove gives life to the glove
a glove without hand is a shell of a hand
come out of ONE return unto ONE
come out of ONE return unto ONE

a pen is a tool of the intellect
the mind is a tool of the ONE
like the starry night hidden by day
old ego obscures

the field of being by any other name
unto ONE unto ONE unto ONE onto ONE


from Too Much Trouble, released April 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Thinkspeak Atlanta, Georgia

Tom Ferguson has been writing songs since 1969, all of which are collected in Songs, 1969-2014. It's coil-bound to nicely fit a music stand, available at lulu.com just search tom ferguson there. With Too Much Trouble, the recording of those songs and bunching them in albums of ten songs each is complete. More may come but for now the project is finito. ... more

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